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Purchase Order Guide & Template

Creating a Purchase Order is an important step to inform our team when you have items arriving in our facilities. It is important that the Purchase Order template is filled out thoroughly and correctly to process your inbound items properly. 

You may Download the Purchase Order Template here:

Steps to Take:

  1. Properly fill out the Purchase Order template.
    • Please make sure you fill out the master template thoroughly and double check the data to avoid errors and delays.
    • Do not add or delete columns from the template.
  2. Save the file as .csv (comma delimited) when ready to import into the WMS.
  3. Upload file into your Ruby Has WMS account. Step by step instructions are on this link

Tips in Filling Out the Template:

  1. Commas will cause a file import to fail.
  2. Copy and pasting can sometimes lead to hidden characters.
  3. Always save as CSV prior to uploading.
  4. Characterization for the Company Name that you input must match the one in our system. 
  5. Inbound shipments will not be counted into inventory without an associated PO receipt.
  6. If receiving is scheduled for more than 1 facility, a separate PO must be uploaded for each warehouse. It cannot be combined on 1 import template. 

Purchase Order Import Template

Template Header

  • *Required
  • Business Unit / Code used to identify that this order is to be created under your account.
  • Does not include spaces. Should be the exact match of your BU.
  • This should be given to you on your first template guide during On Boarding session.
  • *Required
  • The facility that will be receiving the shipment
  • RHNY – New York
  • RHNJ – New Jersey
  • RHNV – Nevada 
PO Number
  • *Required
  • Must be more than 5 characters
  • Cannot be used more than once
  • Must be unique to your company / shipment
  • Having the same PO as another client might cause confusion.
BOL / Tracking Number
  • *Required
  • Tracking is needed to identify the inbound shipment on the receiving dock as well as for the team to match with the PO in the system.
Freight Contact
  • *Required
  • Contact number / email address of the Freight Company.
  • If using a Carrier, please put the Carrier name.
  • *Required
  • All SKU's must be created in the system prior to upload.
  • SKU's are created in by using the Item Master Import. Click here to view the guide.
  • *Required
  • Quantity of the SKU line desired.
Pallet / Carton # Notes
  • Identifier, label or pallet/ carton number associated with the SKU line.
Arrival Date
  • *Required
  • Shipment's expected date of arrival.
  • Format: dd/mm/yyyy
Total Containers 
  • *Required
  • Quantity of containers per SKU line that are expected to arrive.
Total Pallets 
  • *Required
  • Quantity of pallets per SKU line that are expected to arrive.
Total Cartons
  • *Required
  • Quantity of cartons per SKU line that are expected to arrive.
PO Notes
  • Any notes or special instructions you would like to give the receiving team.
Priority Level
  • Always listed as 1


  • If RUSH receiving is needed, it must be requested 48 hours in advance to the drop off and approved by the receiving team.
  • Standard receiving is 3-5 business days beginning the date after drop off.
  • If the receiving is deemed non-standard by our team, this can delay receiving by a 2 to 10-day timeline. Please review the Receiving Guidelines by clicking here.

Frequently Encountered Errors

Null Pointer in Method Invocation
  • SKU or Company does not exist or match in our system
'X' Colums Expected 'Z' Columns Received
  • Special characters, extra columns, invisible data (delete all blanks in each end of order – horizontally and vertically to ensure that there are no hidden characters) 
Item ____ Pack  – Each – 1 Not Found
  • SKU does not exist
Order in ___ Status
  • Order Number already exists

You can also watch this video for a step-by-step demo.

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