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Subcomponents Import Guide & Template

You may Download the Sub-components Import Template here:

  • Click here to download.

Steps To Take:

  1.  Properly fill out the Sub Components Import Template 
    • Please make sure you fill out the template thoroughly and double check the data to avoid errors and delays.
    • Do not add or delete columns from the template.
  2. Save the file as .csv (comma delimited).
  3. Send the file to the RH Support Team so we can upload it to our system.
    • Click the dialogue icon on the lower right hand corner of this page and attach the file.

Tips in Filling Out the Template

  • Multiple sub-components or aliases can be listed on the sheet, as long as the same Item SKUs (column B on template) are listed together (one after the other).

Sub-components Columns Reference

Business Unit
  • *Required.
  • Business Unit / Code used to identify that this order is to be created under your account.
  • Does not include spaces. Should be the exact match of your BU.
  • This should be given to you on your first template guide during On Boarding session.
  • *Required.
  • Pulls the Item Number of a product in our system.
  • All SKUs must be created in the system prior to upload.
  • SKUs are created by using the Item Master Import.
  • The item is the alias or ‘parent’ SKU for the kit or bundle product and will be home to the components. 
  • When this SKU is placed in an order it will be transmitted to our team as the components synced to it.
Sub Component
  • *Required.
  • When the Item/Alias is ordered these are the units that will be picked and shipped pertaining to that alias.
  • These items are the actual product.
  • All SKUs must be created in the system prior to upload.
  • SKUs are created by using the Item Master Import.
  • *Required.
  • The quantity is the number of units that will ship for each sub component line.


On the example below, when BUNDLE1 is ordered it will be transmitted to our team to ship 2x SKU-A, 4x SKU-B, and 1x SKU-C.

Business Unit Item Sub Component Quantity
CompanyName BUNDLE1 SKU-A 2
CompanyName BUNDLE1 SKU-B 4
CompanyName BUNDLE1 SKU-C 1

You can also view this video for a step-by-step demo.

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