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How to Add Items to an Order in the WMS

When you need to add more items to an order after it has been created on the Warehouse Management System, carefully follow the steps below.

  1. Search for the Order Number on the Quick Search bar. 
      Do not click on the Search icon. Wait for search results to appear and click on the order number under Order Header. *NOTE: The Order Header menu is where information about the order is displayed. Order Line displays information about specific SKU's. 
  2. Once on the order you must check the Picking Status. 
    1. If the Picking Status is "New" or "Out of Stock" you are able to add an item to the order. 
    2. If the Picking Status is "Released" you will have to Contact Support by clicking the dialogue icon on the lower right hand corner of this page.
  3. Click the Plus button on the OrderLines section.
  4. Properly fill out the required fields (with the red asterisks).
    1. Order Header - is filled out for you.
    2. Order Line Status - select New.
    3. Item - enter the SKU you want to add in the order. 
    4. Pack - enter the SKU again and a drop down will appear. In most cases you will select the SKU followed by --Each--1 which is how the system would know how to pick the item. In other situations you may select SKU--Case--1. 
    5. Order Pack Quantity - add how much of this SKU you need in the order. Once all fields with asterisk have been filled out, click save.
  5. Review Line Item Page. 
    1. After clicking save, you are now directed to a summary page. Here you will see what was added to the order, how much of that item was added and who added the item. 
    2. To head back to the order go to the first section called Line Detail. On the second column, click on the order header link signified by the arrow.
  6. Review Order Page.
    1. Now that you are back in the order. Scroll down to the order lines and check if the item was added. In this case the item has successfully been added.

You can also view this video for a step-by-step demo:

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