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How to Import Purchase Orders on the WMS

To inform our team of inbound shipments from your company to our warehouses, you must fulfill the necessary steps in uploading Purchase Orders in the WMS. Here are the steps to follow in uploading your Purchase Orders.

Steps to Take:

  1. Fill-out the required information on the Order Import Template thoroughly. 
  2. Make sure to save the file as .csv when you're done.
  3. Go to and enter your credentials to login.
  4. On the main page, click on Message Center. 
  5. On the pop-up window, double click on the Integration folder and choose Entity Integration Mapping.
    • A list of mapping codes will appear.
    • Find and select the  "RBY_PO" box (might be on the second page).
    • Browse for the .csv file you just created and click Import
    • To check if your upload is successful, check your Inbox on the Message Center.
      • Successful – status of order import is complete
      • Error – you will see an attachment indicating what is causing the error.

Frequently Encountered Errors

Null Pointer in Method Invocation
  • SKU or Company does not exist or match in our system
'X' Colums Expected 'Z' Columns Received
  • Special characters, extra columns, invisible data (delete all blanks in each end of order – horizontally and vertically to ensure that there are no hidden characters) 
Item ____ Pack  – Each – 1 Not Found
  • SKU does not exist
Order in ___ Status
  • Order Number already exists

You can also click this link for a step-by-step video demo. The uploading tutorial starts at 5:28 of the video. 

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