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How to Verify the Address (Hold-AV) in an Order

As your order is created in the WMS, it goes through an Address Verification filter. If the address is not recognized by the system, the Status of the order is put to "Hold-AV." You would have to double check and verify the address before the order gets released for picking and shipping.

Here are the steps to verify the address in an order.

  1. Go to the OrderHeader page
    • Log in to your Ruby Has WMS account.
    • On the left side menu, hover your mouse cursor over Orders.
    • Choose Order Header.
  2. Find the Orders with Hold AV status
    • On the Order Header page, click on the Views dropdown menu.
    • Select the view with “Address Validation Issue.”
    • A list of orders with address validation issues will appear.
    • Select an order to fix the address.
  3. Fix the Address: There are 2 ways to fix the address in an order.
  • Option 1: Manual Check
    • Scroll down to the Ship To Information section.
    • Compare client’s shipping information and make necessary changes.
      • Make sure the address format is correct and values are in the proper fields.
    • In the Header Info section, change the current status to New.
  • Option 2: Portal-Generated Address
    • At the top of the order page, beside the drop down that says “Address Validation Issue”, click on the button that says “Run.”
    • A pop-up window will appear with suggested addresses generated by the portal.
    • Choose the correct address and click Accept.
    • In the Header Info section, change the current status to NEW.
    • If there are no suggested addresses, please contact your client for the correct address. 

You can also view this video for a step-by-step demo.

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