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How to Read the Inventory Quantity

Item Page on the Warehouse Management System

To check your inventory quantity levels in the Ruby Has warehouses, navigate to the Item Page on the WMS.

Quantity Headers and their Meanings

  • ON HAND - units in staging (receiving, picking, shipping) and storage locations (bins, shelves, pallets).
  • ALLOCATED - units allocated to released open orders that haven't been processed.
  • AVAILABLE - units available for new order allocation.
  • QUARANTINE - units in damaged/quarantine locations typically from returns.
  • ON HOLD - units in locations where a cycle count has been triggered.
  • KIT ATP - utilized for alias SKUs, units available to complete a full bundle.

Item Page Views

Default Item Page Views show the Item Number (SKU), Short Description, and 5 quantities of an inventory. 

You can create additional Item Page Views for your team if you want to add/remove the displayed columns, such as dimensions, weight, cost, and more.

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