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Carrier Delays - Holiday 2020

As we continue to work through the unprecedented eCommerce volumes, we have been notified by our carriers (UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS, etc.) that they are struggling to keep up with package volume. 

For example, UPS sent this to Ruby Has: 

"The transportation industry has been experiencing unprecedented volumes for more than seven months and now that we are in the peak holiday shipping season the volumes have reached a level that is impacting the ability for UPS Mail Innovations and other carriers to operate efficiently." 

As a result, as we process orders, your customers will see that their order has shipped, however, they may not see any tracking or package movement for days due to carrier issues. Note that this is affecting the entire carrier network, not just one carrier or one method, so we do not recommend that you try to move service types as we cannot predict how each service will be performing, if at all. 

We recommend that in order to set customer expectations and help minimize your contact center volume, you do the following:

  • Proactively send emails to customers who have already ordered, setting their expectations for delay in tracking/slowness in delivery
  • For new orders, include a note about carrier delays in your order confirmation and order shipped emails
  • Extend estimated delivery time windows wherever they are on your website by 3-5 days (some of the largest retail brands have been doing this for weeks)
  • Note carrier delays elsewhere on your site
As much as we realize that delay notifications before order will lower your conversion rate, the delays are a reality and it's important to set customer expectations and prevent order cancellations. This issue has been in the news, so many customers are aware. Below is additional information:

Service Impact of COVID-19

UPS places shipping limits on some retailers as holiday shopping heats up

Wall Street Journal:
UPS Slaps Shipping Limits on Gap, Nike to Manage E-Commerce Surge

As usual, Ruby Has is doing everything possible to maintain our staff, keep our teams safe, and ship your orders out as quickly as possible.

We appreciate you, and we appreciate our team members who have been working tirelessly with masks on, social distancing and supporting extremely high volumes every day.

We will get through this together!
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