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How to Cancel an Order

Here are the steps to fully or partially cancel an order in the WMS.

  1. Search for the Order Number on the Quick Search bar.
    • Do not click on the Search icon.
    • Wait for search results to appear
    • Click on the order number under Order Header.
  2. *NOTE: The Order Header menu is where information about the order is displayed. Order Line displays information about specific SKU's.
  3. Check the Order Status
    • Once in the order, you must check the current status. If the status is "New", "Out of Stock" or "Back Ordered" you are able to cancel the order. 
    • If the status is "Released" you will have to contact support and submit a ticket for cancellation.
  4. Check the OrderLines
    • Take a look at the order lines to view the item SKUs that we are want to cancel. Double check if the item is there.
  5. Prompt Cancellation
    • Scroll up to the top of the page. 
    • Once there, you will see a drop down arrow then select Cancel Order Lines. 
    • Click the run button next to it.
  6. Cancel Order Lines
    • Once you've clicked the "Run", a pop-up window should appear. The pop-up window consists of a list of your SKUs. 
    • To cancel, simply highlight the item then click Cancel.
      • Partial Cancellation - Select and Cancel only the specified OrderLines.
      • Full Cancellation - Select and Cancel all OrderLines.
    • Then exit the pop up and refresh the page. Scroll down to order lines. Double check if the orderlines status are marked as cancelled.

Notes to Remember:

  • Changing the Status by clicking the pen icon will NOT cancel the order.
  • Cancelling an order in your store (cart/marketplace/channel management system) will not automatically cancel the order on the WMS.

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