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How to Create Orders on the WMS

If not through integration with your web store, another method of creating orders is by manually uploading a file directly on the WMS. In any instance that we need to take out your inventory from our facilities, we would need an order to go by to properly pick and pack your items.


Prior to creating orders you must have completed the following steps:

How to Upload and Create Orders on the Warehouse Management System

  1. Fill up the required information on the Order Import Template thoroughly. 
  2. Save the file as .csv (comma delimited). 
  3. Go to and enter your credentials to login. 
  4. On the main page, click on Message Center. 
  5. On the pop-up window, double click on the Integration folder and choose Entity Integration Mapping.
    • A list of mapping codes will appear.
    • Find and select the  “Import Service” button at the top of the list.
    • On the dropdown menu, select which facility you would like to ship from.
    • Browse and look for the Order Import (.csv) file that you created.
    • Click Submit.
  6. To confirm if your import is successful, check your Inbox under Message Center.
    • Successful – Order Import has been completed.
    • Error – There's an attachment that indicates the cause of the error.

Frequently Encountered Errors

Null Pointer in Method Invocation

  • SKU, Company or Trading Partner does not exist/ match our system.
  • Solution: Make sure you are inputting your assigned Company (Business Unit) and Trading Partner without spaces and proper capitalization.

'X' Colums Expected 'Z' Columns Received

  • Special characters
  • Extra columns
  • Invisible data
  • Solution: Delete all special characters, commas, and blank cells at each end of the order – vertically and horizontally. Remove any unnoticed extra spaces in the beginning/end of values.

Item __ Pack –– Each–– 1 Not Found

  • SKU does not exist.
  • Solution: Must exactly match how the SKU/Inventory Number appears in the WMS. Edit SKU to match the system Inventory Number or create the SKU in the system via Item Master Upload before uploading the Order Import Template again.

 Order Header in ___ Status

  • Order number already exists.
  • Solution: Double check if existing Reference Number is different from the order you're trying to create. If the order is different, change the Reference Number value prior to uploading again.

You can also watch this video for a step-by-step demo:

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